Burglaries and robberies down in Redbridge police end of year figures

Borough Commander Sue Williams

Borough Commander Sue Williams - Credit: Archant

Crimes such as burglary and robbery have decreased in the last year, while violence against the person offences have risen, according to new statistics.

Redbridge police have released their end-of-year figures, which cover the period of April 2013 to March 2014.

The data shows the total number of offences recorded in the borough decreased by 2,474 in that period, from 22,419 to 19,945.

Burglary and robbery are among the crimes that have fallen the most. The total number of burglaries dropped from 3,339 to 2,889, a reduction of 450.

The overall figures for robberies show offences decreased from 1,003 to 882, a difference of 121.

Residential burglaries recorded the highest drop, going from 2,651 to 2,254, a difference of 397, and personal robbery, as opposed to robbery in a business premises, fell from 919 to 816, a difference of 103.

Violence against the person and sex offences were among crimes on the rise.

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The former rose from 4,124 to 4,548, an increase of 424, while rapes increased from 105 to 127 and other sexual offences rose from 149 to 166.

Domestic crime rose from 1,520 to 1,920, up 400.

However, the increase in reported domestic crime could be partially attributed to more people coming forward.

Redbridge police’s borough commander, Sue Williams, said: “We have had an excellent year and crime continues to fall.

“The Mopac [Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime] challenge of reducing seven crime types by 20 per cent over four years has been achieved in two years by the hard work and efforts of my staff and partners. This is currently at 23 per cent and we have the highest reduction in the east of London – the Met average is 14 per cent.

“[But] we are not complacent and know we have more work to do around violent crime.

“My vision for this year is to continue to make crime reductions and bring offenders to justice, supporting victims of crime and putting them first throughout the investigation.

“I also want to increase satisfaction and confidence with our communities.”

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