Ayesha Ali trial: The sinister life of child killer lovers Polly Chowdhury and Kiki Muddar

Eight-year-old Ayesha Ali was found dead at her home in Broomfield Road, Chadwell Heath, in August 2

Eight-year-old Ayesha Ali was found dead at her home in Broomfield Road, Chadwell Heath, in August 2013 - Credit: Archant

Investigators took months to unravel the bizarre web of lies and network of fictional characters created by Kiki Muddar to control Polly Chowdhury in the lead-up to Ayesha Ali’s tragic death.

Kiki Muddar

Kiki Muddar - Credit: Archant

Kiki Muddar

Horror film fan Muddar had an “impared relationship with reality”, according to psychiatrist Cleo Van Velson.

She lied about having cancer and invented a network of fictitious characters to gain attention and exert control.

She was fixated upon Ayesha, bombarding Chowdhury with texts and Facebook messages using her aliases to turn her against her own daughter.

Muddar, who had a personality disorder, refused to give evidence at the trial, but told psychiatrists she was “totally heterosexual” and had suffered a series of miscarriages.

She said she came from a Sikh family but was brought up as a Christian and was a Jehovah’s witness.

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When she was younger, she was a tomboy and had horror nightmares involving Dracula.

Her fictitious boyfriend Dave, who she claimed had died in the London riots, denied having a relationship with her and told the court he knew her from working at St John Ambulance.

Polly Chowdhury

Polly Chowdhury - Credit: Archant

Polly Chowdhury

Chowdhury was a loving mum but became possessed after meeting Muddar.

She was convinced by her lover’s lies, believing Ayesha must be disciplined to get rid of “evil spirits”.

She had a difficult past, leaving her abusive first husband with the help of second husband Afsar Ali, whom she met while he was at Feltham young offenders institute.

But she became withdrawn after moving in with Muddar, losing a significant amount of weight and becoming distant from family.

She fell in love with fictional Jimmy Chowdhury, accepting what he said by text message and trying to please him.

Chowdhury, who believed in black magic, smacked and hit Ayesha with a wooden spoon on text message instructions from Skyman, believing it was her dead grandfather communicating with her.

Ayesha Ali

Ayesha Ali - Credit: Archant

Ayesha Ali

Intelligent, well-mannered and happy, Ayesha had been a top pupil at her school.

The “intelligent, loving, caring and passionate” youngster loved reading and had dreams of becoming an English teacher.

But while all she wanted to be was part of a happy family, the little girl was subjected to months of abuse, including being hit with a wooden spoon by her mother and forced to perform gruelling chores –including being made to clean the toilet twice on the day of her death.

Devastated father Afsar Ali said the little girl loved books and would always read him bedtime stories.

“She was the love of my life and I nearly lost her when she was born premature and was on an incubator for a very long time, fighting for her life,” he said.

“She was very mature for her age, very thoughtful and considerate.

“She was my angel in disguise. She was a perfect child any parent could wish for.”