Are your children one of the 13,000 followers? Instagram page shows Redbridge pupils fighting, bullying and taking part in stabbings

There are regualr videos of knife crime, fighting and children bullying other children, Picture: @tr

There are regualr videos of knife crime, fighting and children bullying other children, Picture: @trappybants.ig - Credit: Archant

A Redbridge teacher has condemned a social media page showing the borough’s school children fighting, taking part in reprisal stabbings and being bullied.

The Instagram account @trappybant.ig has more than 13,000 followers and features pupils from lots of schools including Beal High School, Kantor King Solomon and Isaac Newton Academy.

The educator, who asked to remain anonymous for their own safety, said it has caused lots of issues where they work and they are worried for the children.

“A lot of the videos that are posted are from Redbridge and just by looking at the comments on those videos you can see that young kids are bullying each other and starting fights,” they said.

“This account has caused a lot of fights in the school that I teach in and I have gotten many complaints from parents.

“We have tried to warn students about this page during assemblies and told them not to follow the page -however, the page is still up and running with 13,000 followers.”

The teacher said they are pretty sure the page has a sister Snapchat account where nude videos and fights are uploaded.

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“We have already had an issue in which a video of a student holding a knife ended up on @trappybants.ig,” they added.

“This has ended very badly and the police also had been involved.”

Council leader, Councillor Jas Athwal said Redbridge has some of the best schools in the country and the council will be looking at ways of working with schools and community groups to ensure “children are safe and protected, particularly in the internet age”.

“I am disgusted that Instagram and Snapchat would allow content of this type including fighting, bullying and nudity on their platforms,” he said.

“I will be writing to Instagram, Snapchat and Ofcom seeking immediate removal of this content, and a ban on these sorts of pages.

A Met Police spokesman said children can become victims of abuse on the internet, often unwittingly, through online games, social networking sites and apps.

“Safe is our dedicated website for young people and adults alike, giving advice and support on all forms of online abuse,” he said.

“From cyberbullying and sexting to social media stalking and online grooming, visit find out how to stay safe online.”

Instagram has been contacted for comment.

If you have been a victim of crime or believe a crime has been committed please contact police as soon as possible.