How do you feel about being watched? Redbridge Council consults public on installation of 41 ANPR cameras

The coucnil are investing £1.5million into ANPR and CCTV. Picture: Clive Gee

The coucnil are investing £1.5million into ANPR and CCTV. Picture: Clive Gee - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Hiding places for criminals and fly-tippers could be reduced as Redbridge Council prepares to install 41 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras along with licence plate displaying signs and revamped CCTV cameras.

On Monday (October 9), the council launched a public consultation to gauge support for plans to install ANPR cameras across the borough and upgrade CCTV to tackle crime and fly-tipping.

The Labour administration pledged to invest £1.5m in ANPR and CCTV during this year’s local election.

But the Conservative opposition have criticised 41 ANPR cameras as too few and have called for the public to have a say on where these cameras are located.

Council leader Jas Athwal explained the council arrived at the figure of 41 ANPR after considering infrastructure constraints and police standards.

He said: “The police had to survey the borough to determine the maximum amount of cameras we can have, in our case it’s 41.

“However, all our new cameras are re-deployable so we can move them when there is a need in another area.

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“We will spend all of the £1.5m on ANPR and CCTV cameras for the safety and security of our residents, we will update the system so we have modern high resolution cameras and equipment.”

The council will also use “dot matrix display technology,” which involves attaching a camera to a lamp post-mounted sign that publicly displays the licence plate of oncoming vehicles.

“The purpose of the boards is so people know they are being watched,” added Cllr Athwal.

“So, as an example, driving into Ilford Lane from Barking and Dagenham you should see a sign that says ‘Welcome to Redbridge, drive safe’ and number plate displayed.’

But Cllr Linda Huggett said: “Cllr Athwal promised £1.5m to be spent on ANPR cameras and residents were never told that this was only 41 cameras.

She added: “Any consultation must give residents the opportunity to give their opinion on where the cameras should be located.

“Residents want more police on the beat and less crime on the street”,

The council’s consultation is due to end on December 2.

Take part online at: