Adult entertainer Lady Jet Black British Billionaire and her dog Fifty Scent ‘traumatised’ after burglary

Ex-model Lady Jet Black British Billionaire, had her high security flat burgled on Sunday night and

Ex-model Lady Jet Black British Billionaire, had her high security flat burgled on Sunday night and her dog Fifty Scent has been left traumatised - Credit: Archant

A former model and her dog have been left “traumatised” after her high-security flat was robbed on Sunday night.

Lady Jet Black British Billionaire, 34, has lived in a high security private estate in Repton Park, Woodford Green, which is “shrouded with cameras” and security gates, for seven years.

Lady British Billionaire, who describes herself as an “adult entertainment boss”, had £300 of cash stolen, which she had left on her dressing room floor and was intending to put away the next morning.

Her seven-year-old Toy Poodle, called Fifty Scent, was on his own in the flat when “three men raided my home,” said Lady British Billionaire.

“My dog is terrified. He has not got a lot of confidence and will never get it back,” she told the Recorder.

“This has completely ruined his life,” she said. “He is everything to me.”

She said Fifty Scent had been taking Valium since the incident to help him overcome his anxiety.

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Lady British Billionaire came home after work at 7am on Monday morning to find her door was hanging off its hinges and her flat was “pitched black”.

“The first thing I did was to call Fifty Scent,” she said, before seeing that her flat had been left “completely upside down, with wood everywhere and clothes everywhere”.

She said her whole fitted kitchen had been “pulled out with screw drivers” but was surprised her jewellery and her collection of designer clothes and shoes had not been taken. She believes the thieves were solely after cash.

Lady British Billionaire stayed at her home last week because of illness and she left her flat to work for the first time on Sunday night.

“What is the point with living with so much security? I might as well live in Tottenham,” she said.

She said she was now planning to move to Knightsbridge.

At her flat in Woodford Green, she claims to have been international footballer Gareth Bale’s neighbour.

Redbridge police said they were investigating the case.

A spokeswoman said: “Officers attended and it is understood the offence occurred at some point after 8pm the previous night, January 17, by the suspects forcing entry through the front door.

“At this stage, it is understood that a quantity of cash and bank cards was taken.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the burglary squad at Redbridge CID on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting reference number 4401 082/16.