Youth council gives crime commission their views on street harassment

Commissioners Amy Tully and Irfan Shah met with Frenford Youth Council last week

Commissioners Amy Tully and Irfan Shah met with Frenford Youth Council to hear about young people's experiences with street harassment. - Credit: Redbridge Community Crime Commission

Members of a youth council in Redbridge met with the borough’s community crime commissioners last week to discuss street harassment. 

On Wednesday, August 18, commissioner Amy Tully met with 17 members of the Frenford Youth Council at Frenford Youth Club, which is run by Irfan Shah, another commissioner. 

A recent survey revealed that 1,800 Redbridge women reported incidents of street harassment and assault, and the 13-16-year-old youth councillors spoke to the commissioners about their own experiences around the issue.

Amy said: “It is vital that young people’s voices are central to efforts to tackle crime in the area, including crimes against women and girls.  

“I was keen to hear about the impact of street harassment on young women, how young men feel about the issue, and their suggestions for ways to reduce the incidents of harassment.” 

The event is one of several evidence-gathering initiatives which will inform recommendations made by the Community Crime Commission later this year. 

The 16-person commission, which consists of residents alongside experts in policing, education and youth work, was launched earlier this year with the aim of tackling residents’ crime concerns. 

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