Crash! Bang! Wallop! Car crash in quiet road leads to street brawl

Michael Tussler and Sandra Tussler outside their home.

Michael Tussler and Sandra Tussler outside their home. - Credit: Archant

A car crash in a quiet residential road led to a street brawl, thousands of pounds worth of damage and four arrests.

A BMW ended up resting precariously in Barley Lane in March 2010

A BMW ended up resting precariously in Barley Lane in March 2010 - Credit: Archant

Michael Trussler, 61, awoke in his home in Barley Lane, Goodmayes, to the sound of crunching metal and screaming at 3.15am.

He said a car had hit his neighbour’s taxi, took out 30m of fencing of two houses and hit his car which was parked in the street, pushing it two metres down the road.

And it’s not the first time his car has been hit while parked in Barley Lane, which is a 30mph zone.

In 2010, a BMW ended up balanced vertically on its front bumper against his next door neighbour’s house.

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He believes two cars were involved in last week’s crash and he and a neighbour approached three young men and a woman.

Mr Trussler said a scuffle broke out, with punches thrown and he said he and his neighbour were attacked with broken fence panels.

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He said: “I had a gash on my arm and my neighbour was hit on the head and kicked to the ground.”

A police spokesman said: “Three males and a female were arrested at the scene for assault and affray. They have been bailed to an east London police station to a date in early April.”

In 2010, a car travelling at more than 100mph hit four houses, ripping off porches and crashing into cars, before coming to a halt outside a front door. “All hell broke loose,” he said. “A man hit our car and house, then next door, then took out my neighbour’s porch, then hit another house after that. There have been a lot of accidents on this stretch of road in the past 15 years.”

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