‘Common sense’ plea after firefighters rescue Redbridge residents trapped in everyday objects

Dozens of Redbridge residents have been left red-faced after calling firefighters to free them from household objects.

In the last three years, fire teams in the borough have been called to rescue 41 people from “unusual” situations.

One family called 999 when their child’s finger got stuck in a toy, while another youngster got their arm stuck behind a radiator.

Other embarrasing scenarios included a woman stuck on a hook, a person with their leg trapped in a bench, a child’s fingers stuck in a bike chain and two unfortunate people with their hands caught in letter boxes.

Nearly half of the calls were to help people with rings stuck on their fingers.

The London Fire Brigade revealed today that the number of calls to free people trapped in everyday appliances, furniture and unusual situations has risen from 416 incidents in 2010/11 to 453 last year.

Each incident costs taxpayers at least £290, adding up to around £377,000.

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Third Officer Dave Brown said: “Some of the incidents our firefighters are called out could be prevented with a little common sense.

“When firefighters are out attending to some of these avoidable incidents, someone else could be in real need of emergency assistance.”

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