Clayhall woman who found ‘10ft’ snake: ‘I nearly had heart attack’

A woman who came across a “10ft” boa constrictor in her garden shed has told the Recorder she “nearly had a heart attack” when she spotted the serpent.

Ros Waxler, of Strafford Avenue, Clayhall was gardening when she came across the large snake on a shelf in her shed at the bottom of her garden.

She said: “When I first saw it I thought it was a belt but when I realised what it was I ran to get my husband who didn’t believe me.

“I nearly had a heart attack, I didn’t know how dangerous it was. I’d only ever seen snakes in the zoo before.”

Ros was left shaken and tearful after the sighting at about 2pm on Friday, and immediately called the RSPCA to come and collect it.

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But the snake managed to escape out of a gap at the back of the shed.

Howard Waxler said: “The RSPCA officer attempted to catch the snake but it was too powerful and it disappeared behind the shed out of reach. They’re such clever creatures.”

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The couple has tried to warn people about the snake as there are a lot of families that live in the area.

Klare Kennett, of RSPCA south east, said: “It is likely that the snake may have found its way home, especially as the weather is getting colder.”

Boa constrictors are normally found in North, Central and South America.

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