Clayhall teen joins Bow fundraiser, 101, at global walk challenge launch

Tahir Khan and Dabirul Choudhury and Sadiq Khan launched the global walking challenge Walk With Dabirul.

Tahir Khan (left) joined Bow charity hero Dabirul Choudhury and Sadiq Khan at the launch of global walking challenge Walk With Dabirul. - Credit: Dewan Khan

A Clayhall teenager joined London mayor Sadiq Khan and charity hero Dabirul Choudhury at the launch of global challenge Walk with Dabirul.

Tahir Khan, 15, has pledged to run 50km while fasting during Ramadan to raise funds for people suffering with Covid-19 across nearly 50 countries.

The teen was inspired by the work of Dabirul, who followed in Captain Sir Tom Moore's footsteps and walked 50 laps of his garden every day in Bow during Ramadan last year.

He raised more than £420,000 in the process.

Tahir was alongside his 101-year-old hero on Saturday, April 24, as they took the first steps in Walk with Dabirul, with around 10,000 other people in 130 cities across the world joining as well.

Tahir Khan and Sadiq Khan

Clayhall teenager Tahir was joined by Sadiq Khan in taking the first steps in the challenge. - Credit: Dewan Khan

Tahir said: "Dabir has inspired many young people like me. 

"If Dabir can continue his fight to help needy people than we should be running to help the destitute people of the world. I am so grateful to him to show us the path of empathy and efforts."

To donate to Tahir's fundraiser visit:

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