Clamping firm Securak shutting down in Redbridge, says officer

A clamping firm may be shutting down for good in Redbridge after the practice was banned on Monday.

Clamping on private land was made illegal by the government’s Protection of Freedoms Act.

Kevin Stokes, of Securak, has told the Recorder he is leaving the parking profession.

Securak Parking Enforcement operated on sites including the New World American Pool and Snooker Club in Opal Mews, Ilford.

Mr Stokes said: “We’re shutting everything down, there’s too much aggro.

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“There’s going to be no more tickets of anything, the places won’t be controlled by us.

“I’m going down to the Job Centre.”

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Securak was the subject of frequent complaints to the Recorder from distressed drivers who were quoted up to �1,000 to have their vehicles released.

Redbridge residents complained about the tactics used by firms across the borough and there were repeated calls from MPs and councillors to rid the borough of rogue operators.

In 2010, the Recorder started a “clamp-aign” against “cowboy clampers” supported by political heavyweights including then Labour leader Harriet Harman.

The illegalisation of clamping on Monday was a victory but fines and tickets will continue in its place on private land.

The deputy leader of Redbridge Council, Cllr Ian Bond, welcomed the ban, saying clamping had caused “a lot of distress”.

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