Clamped Ilford man says: “I’ll stay here forever”

A DRIVER has insisted he will sit in his car “forever” after he was clamped this morning.

A scuffle broke out in Frinton Mews off Bramley Crescent when Malik Qasim Jawad’s car was immobilised at 10.30am.

He claims he tried to reason with Andrew Martin of clamping company Securak before the two men started pushing each other.

Mr Jawad, of Hampton Road, Ilford got back into his car and is refusing to move more than four hours after the incident.

He said: “I tried to speak to the clamper but he pushed me in the chest and I fell over and cut my hand.

“There is no way I am leaving my car after the way I’ve been treated and I’m going to sit here forever.”

The London Ambulance Service was called to the scene but Mr Jawad declined treatement.

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Mr Martin said: “The car was parked on private land and I am just doing my job.

“He was in my face as I was trying to apply the clamp so I pushed him away.

“I asked him to pay the advertised fee of �125 but he refused so the two truck was called which costs an extra �250.”

More on this story later.

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