Clamped Ilford man endures six hour stand off

A MOTORIST who scuffled with a clamper on Friday sat in his car for six hours before a release fee was agreed.

Malik Qasim Jawad claimed he would stay in his Ford Focus “forever” when it was immobilised in Frinton Mews off Bramley Crescent at 10.30am.

He was left fuming after his efforts trying to reason with Andrew Martin of clamping company Securak resulted in the two men pushing each other.

Police and the London Ambulance Service were called to the scene but Mr Jawad, of Hampton Road, Ilford refused treatment.

In protest he got back into his car and remained there until just after 4.30pm before agreeing to pay a fine of �150.

He said: “These people are bullies and I can’t believe they are allowed to operate like this.”