Christian association can use Queen’s name on mammoth plaque

A community group has been granted permission to use the Diamond Jubilee logo and Queen Elizabeth II’s name on a church plaque.

The plaque will replace the one stolen in 2011 from the Ilford Methodist Church in Ilford Lane, Ilford.

It will commemorate the site where 200,000-year-old mammoth remains were discovered.

The replacement has been funded by the British Pakistani Christian Association.

Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said: “It’s the only plaque with the Queen’s name in Ilford South and will be a reminder to the local residents of this wonderful Diamond Jubilee year.”

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The bones of the steppe mammoth are on display at the National History Museum.

The plaque will be installed on October 4 to mark World Animal Day as well as the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

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Mr Chowdhury said: “We are celebrating a prehistoric animal which has put Redbridge on the map. It’s also the day of St Francis, so we thought we would combine the two.”

The plaque cost �450 and is made of a lighter alloy than the original in the hope it will not be stolen again.

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