Chilean Miner to tell his amazing rescue story in Woodford Green

Jose Henriquez, one of 33 miners who was trapped underground for more than two months, will give a first-hand account of his experiences at All Saints Church in Inmans Row.

Mr Henriquez was nicknamed “The Pastor” during the 69-day ordeal for his efforts in keeping up morale and leading prayers.

Rev Paul Harcourt said: “This is one of the biggest events we have ever had and it promises to be spectacular.

“The story is amazing and I am sure Mr Henriquez’ account will be inspiring for everyone.”

The visit was set up through links with Chilean presidential chaplain Alf Cooper who got to know Mr Henriquez during the rescue attempt.

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All Saints is in the process of a �3million redevelopment project and part of the cash raised by the congregation has been donated to Mr Cooper’s ministry.

Mr Harcourt said: “We have some members in Chile at the moment visiting the church we are helping to build.

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“It’s going very well and I am pleased to develop our relationship further by holding this event.”

Lots of interest has been expressed and more than 500 people are expected to turn up this weekend.

Mr Harcourt said he had been working on a video overflow system in case the hall fills to capacity.

The free talks are being held on Saturday from 7.30pm and on Sunday from 6.30pm.

All Saints also runs redevelopment projects in Brazil and Kenya.

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