Children pass GCSE maths nearly 10 years early after Ilford course

Five children aged 11 and under have passed their GCSE maths exam after attending a course for exceptional pupils in Ilford.

Samuel Brant, seven, Laurelle Brant, eight, Sarah Nwisi, eight, Israel Nwisi, 10, and Adam Akram, 11, took part in a programme with Excellence in Education, at the Vine United Reformed Church in Riches Road.

The course is based on The Maths Manual written by previous students.

Vinessa Brant, of Epping Forest, said her children “loved” taking the exam.

She added: “My husband and I are thrilled but the kids don’t seem to be fazed at all.

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“They loved playing maths games when they were younger and when they got to school the teachers all said they were ahead.

“We’ve never put an age limit on them. Now Sam wants to be a maths professor and Laurelle wants to be an architect.”

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Sam and Sarah got Es, Laurelle and Adam got Ds, and Israel got a C.

The children were mentored by Peter and Paula Imafidon, who set the record for the youngest people ever to pass University of Cambridge advanced maths exam aged eight.

Excellence in Education also has a centre in Stratford.

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