Charity shop staff vow to battle ‘low morale’ after burglary

Staff at a charity shop which was burgled last week have said “morale is still quite low” but they will carry on with their work.

Sue Ryder in Green Lane, Ilford, was broken leaving a computer broken, numerous items of clothing stolen and lockers broken into.

Shop manager Claire Crane, 43, said: “We are made of strong stuff but morale is still quite low and no one has come forward to answer our appeal for more help financially for security.”

When staff arrived the morning after the burglary they found the shop boarded up and it had been dusted for fingerprints.

Mrs Crane said: “A couple of people who have come in have been appalled about what happened.”

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She has now decided to close the fitting rooms due to the sheer volume of items which are stolen.

“We cannot sustain the amount of usual theft especially when coupled with the burglary,” Mrs Crane said.

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The shop opened 26 years ago and has 17 volunteers.

“If the member of the public who called the police when we were being burgled would like to come in, we’d like that too.”

One person has been arrested in connection with the incident.

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