Central Line sticker pranksters ‘committed to enjoyment’

The pranksters who have been putting up stickers on the Central Line have contacted the Recorder and warned their next prank will be “bigger and bolder”.

In a parody of the style of statements released to the press by councils, governments and other big organisations, they said they are “committed to replacing delays with discussion, engineering works with enjoyment and strikes with satisfied customers”.

A representative for the group also said: “Stickers on the Central Line does not, however, condone the sticking of less than amusing stickers.”

The duo, who are both graduates with full-time jobs, said their idea came from the temporary replacement stickers that Transport for London produce.

“We wanted to build on that to produce subtle, humorous ‘interventions’ which sometimes act as a political/social commentary, and also entertain commuters.” They said they would start something bigger and bolder soon.

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The stickers started appearing on maps in carriages earlier this month and include ones for Buckhurst Hill, where there are rockets to the Moon, and a sticker that warns of a 45-minute travel time from Woodford to Buckhurst Hill.

A spokesman for London Underground said: “Even if such stickers are intended to be amusing, it simply means valuable resources have to be wasted removing them.”

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n To see the stickers visit www.stickersonthecentralline.tumblr.com.

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