Cashpoint crooks on the prowl in Hainault

CASHPOINT crooks are using desperate tactics to wangle cash from the cards of unsuspecting shoppers.

In Hainault, “crude” dummy devices have been clipped on to the note dispensers of cash machines.

The devices, believed to be attached using double-sided tape, stop cash from being dispensed when amounts are selected.

Crooks hope users then walk away without their money, leaving them to swipe whatever amount was dispensed into the dummy device.

But once such ploy was rumbled last week in New North Road, Hainault.

A man, who was withdrawing �100 from a machine outside Barclays bank, said: “As it was 9pm and the area not very well lit, I did not notice that there was a device stuck to the machine which prevented the cash from being taken out.

“When I tried to see if the cash dispenser was stuck, I must have pushed a bit hard and bent the aluminium.

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“I then noticed that this was not normal and proceeded to remove the dummy device from the machine.

“My cash was stuck fast to the back but I was able to free it.

“I didn’t hang around because I thought that maybe someone was watching the machine as this was clearly only in place to work once, so got back in my car and drove away.

“I notified the police and handed it into Barkingside police station and have notified the bank.”

Describing the device as “crude”, a spokesman for Barclays bank, said: “Unfortunately fraud is a problem for the whole banking industry and we have recently seen a slightly different type of attack on our ATMs which has affected a small number of customers locally.”

In a separate incident, a man was sentenced on January 10 to 26 weeks in jail after a cash machine in George Lane, South Woodford, was fitted with a device which stopped bank cards from coming out.

Redbridge Police areurging residents to be vigilant and check for any signs the cash machine they are using has been tampered with.

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