Calum to the rescue! Two-year-old helps mum after Hainault house lock-out

A two-year-old boy came to the rescue after his distressed mum found herself locked out of the family home.

Calum Swift became a hero just like his favourite television character when he managed to pass a set of keys to his mother after she got locked out.

His mum Joanna Sledmere, of Laing Close, Hainault, said: “I was putting the bins out on Tuesday morning, when I heard Calum shut the front door because he knows it shouldn’t be open.

“I was like, ‘oh no what am I going to do?’, as Calum’s dad wouldn’t be home till later that evening. I went to the window and got Calum’s attention and said, ‘mummy’s cold, can you get her coat?”

The two-year-old understood the message and managed to retrieve the coat from a bedroom that had a set of house keys inside.

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“I couldn’t believe it when he came back to the living room dragging the right coat which he passed to me through the only open window by climbing on to the sofa to reach,” said Joanna.

“A neighbour came by to check everything was OK. I told him my son was getting the keys for me which he was very shocked about as Calum was just a baby.”

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Joanna added: “It was so crazy, he knew exactly what I meant. I am so proud of him, he is such a clever boy and my little hero.”

His mum treated him to some new toys from his favourite programme, Mike the Knight, for being so brave and helpful.

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