Hair loss shop for women opening in Hornchurch

Hair loss expert Kellie Green is opening Bear With The Hair on Hornchurch High Street on December 17

Hair loss expert Kellie Green is opening Bear With The Hair on Hornchurch High Street on December 17 - Credit: Kellie Green

A shop helping women who suffer from hair loss is set to open in Hornchurch later this month.

Bear With The Hair will open its doors next Friday (December 17) at 151 Hornchurch High Street.

Owner Kellie Green, who grew up in Chadwell Heath and now lives near the new shop, lost her own hair 20 years ago.

The mother-of-three told the Recorder: "It was one of the worst things you could possibly go through as a woman.

"There wasn't much help out there, and so I began looking into solutions. I've spent years doing research and training - I'm a walking trial."

The 51-year-old said after a "pressurised career" in the corporate world, she has decided to do something she "really believes in".

"Helping women who have lost their hair is so rewarding," Kellie added.

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"People come to me who have lost their sparkle and sense of beauty, and I help them to get it back again.

"I want it to be a place where women come to feel better about themselves, and know there's something out there for them.

"People lose their hair for lots of reasons, for example many women find their hair thins as they age - it's nothing to do with alopecia or chemotherapy, it's just something that happens naturally. 

"I can help fix that."

The hair loss expert offers a range of options for customers, including hair pieces and extensions, which she wears herself.

"I wouldn't have my own hair back if I had the choice now," laughs Kellie. 

"This way I get to choose any colour or style I want."

Kellie said she is considering moving into male hair loss in the future, but at present her focus is on female clients.

She praised the support she has already received from the Hornchurch community since announcing her opening on Facebook.

"Hornchurch is my favourite place to be, and the warm welcome has validated my love of Havering even more", she said.

Discussing the shop's unusual name, Kellie explained: "My nickname has always been Kellie Bear, which became a bit of a running joke, especially when I lost my hair.

"So it seemed like the perfect choice for the shop."

Bear With The Hair is already fully booked until January, but Kellie said walk-ins are welcome at the store.

Visit or for further information.