Businesses want to rein in ‘out of control’ Ilford Lane independence day celebrations

Pakistan Independence celebrations in Ilford Lane, on Sunday night (credit: Ihtisham ul Haq)

Pakistan Independence celebrations in Ilford Lane, on Sunday night (credit: Ihtisham ul Haq) - Credit: Archant

Businesses have started work with police and Redbridge Council to reign in the “out of control” independence day celebrations in Ilford Lane.

Each year thousands of Pakistanis and Indians flock to the bustling street, on August 14 and 15, and party into the early hours.

Cars roll up and down honking their horns, music blares out of speakers and for some alcohol is drunk.

But for traders and residents in Ilford Lane and the surrounding streets, the events are getting out of hand.

The South Ilford Business Association held a meeting with the council and Redbridge Police officers last week, to try to organise the wild celebrations.

Chairman Khalid Hussain told the Recorder: “We don’t want to stop people coming to Ilford Lane, but things have got out of control.

“The problems start with alcohol. People coming from outside the area.

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“The cars cause all the noise, they stop and slow down the traffic.

“This had been going on for too long, it’s bad for business, it’s bad for the residents, it’s bad for everyone.”

On August 14 this year, Pakistan’s Independence Day, cars blocked the road for hours as people partied.

Mr Hussain was clear he does not want to stop the celebrations, but just bring them under control.

He continued: “It’s for everybody’s benefit that the council, the police and the businesses work together on this.

“We just need some level of control, to stop the anti-social behaviour that keeps the residents awake.

“The meeting was good though, they took on board our point of view.”

Redbridge Council has been contacted for comment.