Burst water pipe at Goodmayes Hospital Radio causes £30k worth of damage

Broadcasters: back row: Chris Deighton, Martin Levin, Stan Rust; front row: Phil Lester, Lucas Hewet

Broadcasters: back row: Chris Deighton, Martin Levin, Stan Rust; front row: Phil Lester, Lucas Hewett, Marj Young at Goodmayes hospital radio station. - Credit: Vickie Flores/Archant

A radio studio “looked like a sauna” after a water pipe burst causing an estimated £30,000 worth of damage to broadcasting equipment.

Mere weeks after Goodmayes Radio Hospital, Barley Lane, Ilford, celebrated its 40th birthday, hot water spurted from a leak in the radiator and coated everything in the vicinity - from ceiling to floor - including computers, microphones and a TV.

Lee Howe, engineer for The Jumbo Sound Radio, was first on the scene and said: “As I approached the room I could hear a hissing sound, but I through someone had just left a speaker on.

“There was also an odd smell and it felt hot, but to be honest that is not unusual for that room.”

As Mr Howe opened the door he was met with a wall of humidity.

The carpet was drenched, the ceiling was covered in condensation and the only items not wet were under a desk. Mr Howe added: “I have got to go through 40 items and check if they function, including three main computers and a mixer worth £7000.

“I was literally pouring water out of the computer and it will take at least a week to dry out – the inside could be drowning in water.

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“It took a year to update all the software and then this happens and we are back to the beginning three days later.”

Mr Howe got soaked saving the equipment and used a plastic bin to deflect the warm water.

The North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) is sourcing a dehumidifier to help clean up the room. Presenter Martin Levin said: “We are feeling very down about it and we are not able to broadcast a live show at the moment.

“The keyboard was typing by itself and we wondered if we had a poltergeist, but it was actually drips from the ceiling - the equipment was still working and the live web cam was broadcasting through the leak.

“The situation is shocking and Lee was fast off the mark saving the equipment and turning off the power, especially as he couldn’t see his hands in front of him.”

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