Buckhurst Hill man lands role in amusing Kit Kat ad

A BUCKHURST Hill actor who had previous roles in The Bill and Eastenders has landed a starring role in Kit Kat’s latest advertisement.

Scott Lane, 38, was selected from dozens of actors to front the new Kit Kat TV campaign.

The advert, set on a building site, depicts Mr Lane operating a crane and directing his co-workers into a Newton’s cradle formation.

Now members of the public stop him in the street to make Kit Kat puns, or stare at him in confusion.

He said: “It’s funny, some recognise me but they don’t know if it’s from the advert or from living across the road.”

Mr Lane’s part was shot in one day, but he did not need to get his hands dirty.

“Being an actor I have to have a big imagination; the scene was shot with a blue screen so I had to pretend that I was moving the crane around.”

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But he said it was by no means easy.

“Sometimes you didn’t know how a bit had gone until you saw the director’s playback. You realised, OK this bit works and this bit didn’t, we had to re-do a few things.”

So is this Mr Lane’s big break?: “I don’t know about that,” he laughed, adding that he had been acting in theatre and television since he was 11.

“The advert’s been out for about two weeks and has got a good response.

“I’ve done a lot of commercials over the yeas, but I really enjoyed making this advert, its such a creative idea and it has turned out really well.

“It’s nice when my family recognise the product I’m advertising.”

So far in his career, Mr Lane has worked with actors such as Robert De Niro and Bob Hoskins.

“I have been so lucky and acting given me the opportunity to travel and see thing that I normally wouldn’t have experienced. As long as I am fulfilled acting I will carry on doing it.”

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