Charity Commission issues scathing warning over safeguarding and management concerns at Redbridge charity

L-R Juliet Chowdhry, David Cameron and Wilson Chowdhry Photo credit: Wilson Chowdhry

The Charity Commission has issued a warning to the British Pakistani Christians Association, which is run by Juliet Chowdhry (left), after her husband Wilson, (right), resigned in June 2019. - Credit: Archant

The Charity Commission has issued a scathing warning to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) over safeguarding incidents and concerns about the management of the charity.

BPCA, which does charitable work in Redbridge as well as overseas, failed to adequately comply with an action plan the commission issued last year and if it doesn't take steps to address its concerns the charity will need to shut down.

The British Pakistani Christian Ltd was run by Wilson Chowdhry until he resigned in June 2019.

Wilson Chowdhry, owner of AA Security on 73 Green lane has received hoards of junk mail. The mail is

Wilson Chowdhry was the director for BPCA until June 22, 2019. - Credit: Rosalind Butt

The following month an investigation into the charity was launched when serious allegations were brought to the commission.

In the official warning, which was published on Tuesday, February 16, it states the "trustees failed to implement proper controls regarding their work overseas and in particular safeguarding policies to ensure the protection of vulnerable beneficiaries."

It says: "The trustees also failed to adequately manage a specific safeguarding incident and did not recognise the risk to the individual or the charity."

The charity, which has an income of £251,000, is run by Mr Chowdhry's wife, Juliet, along with Dorah Mayah and Vanessa Ramchurn, according to Companies House.

Redbridge Carnival procession and stage actsCarnival chairman Wilson Chowdhry.

The charity commission opened an investigation into the charity in July 2019 after serious allegations were brought to it regarding safeguarding incidents and wider governance concerns. - Credit: Paul Bennett

The warning goes on to say that the trustees failed to protect the charity's assets and funds and failed to ensure it is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit.

The commission issued an Action Plan under section 15 of the Charities Act 2011 to the trustees on April 17, 2020.

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While it found the trustees had made some attempt to comply with the terms set out, they had not done so in full.

It states: "The commission has not gained the assurance that the trustees fully understand their duties in relation to safeguarding or financial controls and concerns remain regarding ongoing risk to beneficiaries and charity assets."

The warning states that if the charity doesn't strengthen its safeguarding procedures, both in Redbridge and overseas, and implement effective financial controls it will need to shut down if the trustees decide it is no longer viable.

The Recorder has contacted BPCA to comment on this story but has not received a reply.