Breakdown of Redbridge 2018 election results by ward

PUBLISHED: 12:30 04 May 2018 | UPDATED: 12:30 04 May 2018

Redbridge local elections 2018. Photo: Aaron Walawalkar

Redbridge local elections 2018. Photo: Aaron Walawalkar


The results are in, but how did residents in your ward vote?

Candidates take to the stage to hear their fate. Photo: Aaron WalawalkarCandidates take to the stage to hear their fate. Photo: Aaron Walawalkar


John Peter Howard (Labour) 2505

Candidates wait for the results. Photo: Aaron WalawalkarCandidates wait for the results. Photo: Aaron Walawalkar

Debbie Kaur-Thiara (Labour) 2408

Jyotsna Rahman Islam (Labour) 2146

Alicja Barbara Borkowska (Conservative) 1145

Kash Akram (Conservative) 1130

Gary Sukhija (Conservative) 990

Andy Walker (Redbridge Trade Union Party) 623


Judith Anne Naomi Garfield (Labour) 2457

Martin Sachs (Labour) 2365

Mohammed Khaled Noor (Labour) 2255

Ashley Stephen Kissin (Conservative) 1984

Melvyn Wayne Marks (Conservative) 1879

Karen Ann Packer (Conservative) 1876

Deborah Naomi Fink (Green Party) 385


Paul Canal (Conservative) 1735

Anita Boateng (Conservative) 1714

Robin Andrew Turbefield (Conservative) 1605

Duddridge, Lloyd Jacob (Labour) 1593

Guy Owen Williams (Labour) 1552

Ellie Taylor (Labour) 1470

David Ian Reynolds (Green Party) 456


Bert Alexander Jones (Labour) 2279

Hannah Amirah Chaudhry (Labour) 2183

Anne Marie Sachs (Labour) 2057

Simon Anthony Hearn (Conservative) 997

Mohammed Nazim Uddin (Conservative) 887

Diana Danescu (Conservative) 874

Gary Peter Staight (Liberal Democrats) 350

John Charles Tyne (Green Party) 350


Stephen Karanicholas Adams (Conservative) 1832

Clark Edward Vasey (Conservative) 1817

Rosa Gomez (Labour) 1766

Alexander James Wilson (Conservative) 1756

Wendy Kathleen Taylor (Labour) 1592

Chowdhury Hafiz Rahman (Labour) 1520

Gwyneth Elinor Deakins (Liberal Democrats) 1163

Geoffrey Michael Seeff (Liberal Democrats) 1102

Mike Daykin (Liberal Democrats) 960


Gurdial Singh Bhamra (Labour) 2700

Sunita Kaur Bhamra (Labour) 2588

Mohammed Jamal Uddin (Labour) 2485

Pranav Bhanot (Conservative) 2020

Robert Alexander Cole (Conservative) 1782

Alan Edward Weinberg (Conservative) 1704

Ash Holder (Liberal Democrats) 204


Helen Mary Coomb (Labour) 2378

Muhammed Javed (Labour) 2278

Zulfiqar Hussain (Labour) 2245

Matthew Alexander Cole (Conservative) 471

Christopher Cummins (Conservative) 443

Christopher John Holmes (Conservative) 427


Chaudhary Mushtaq Ahmed (Labour) 2350

Syeda Shamshia Ali (Labour) 2218

Varinder Singh Bola (Labour) 2089

Matthew Chaudhary (Conservative) 1711

Richard David Firmstone (Conservative) 1297

David Gideon Rome (Conservative) 1298


Howard Jeffery Berlin (Conservative) 2044

Joyce Ellen Ryan (Conservative) 2011

Ruth Kim Clark (Conservative) 1948

Bob Chattaway (Labour) 1462

Nirojan Raveendralingam (Labour) 1303

Kris Sangani (Labour) 1232

Joel Winston (Liberal Democrats) 256


Vanisha Surendra Bharti Solanki (Labour) 2432

Sham Islam (Labour) 2212

Sadiq Yakub Kothia (Labour) 2129

Sanjib Bhattacharjee (Conservative) 1682

Jeevah Daniel Haran (Conservative) 1673

Wesley Mafeng Barry Manta (Conservative) 1499

Dominic Black (Liberal Democrats) 443


Namreen Battol Chaudhry (Labour) 2422

Kam Rai (Labour) 2329

Neil Patrick Zammett (Labour) 2260

Maureen Patricia (Conservative) 696

Alice Paula Pastides (Conservative) 658

Rash Mahal (Conservative) 650


Roy Emmett (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1905

Mark Santos (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1815

Joe Hehir (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1744

Sam Chapman (Conservative) 1593

John Corneilius Kissane (Conservative) 1412

James Anthony Pepe (Conservative) 1394

Ilford Town

Syeda Saima Ahmed (Labour) 1546

Shoaib Patel (Labour) 1518

Meenakshi Sharma (Independent) 429

Mona Ahsan (Conservative) 224

Olakunle Abidemi Olaifa (Conservative) 162


Chaudhary Mohammed Iqbal (Labour) 2128

Saira Yasar Jamil (Labour) 2101

Taifur Rashid (Labour) 1993

Lucy Clare Bostick (Conservative) 434

Hasnain Ahmed (Conservative) 431

Michael James Speakman (Conservative) 425

Syed Muhammad Mustafa Ali (Green Party) 244


Jas Athwal (Labour) 2717

Kay Flint (Labour) 2602

Ayodhiya Parkash (Labour) 2523

Wilson Chowdhry (Conservative) 774

Stuart Halstead (Conservative) 761

Zeb Quddos (Conservative) 619


Linda Ann Huggett (Conservative) 2140

Michael John Stark (Conservative) 2050

Catherine Jane Rowan (Labour) 579

Tareq Chowdhury (Labour) 561

Claire Frazer Hunt (Liberal Democrats) 361

Mike Teahan (Liberal Democrats) 306


Thavathuray Jeyaranjan (Labour) 2280

Dev Raj Sharma (Labour) 2246

Elaine Norman (Labour) 2230

Afsor Hussain (Conservative) 1235

Greta Blenda Rene (Conservative) 973

Baldev Singh Bains (Conservative) 887

David Langley Stephens (Independent) 484

Amritpal Singh Gill (Independent) 254

Seven Kings

Harold Stuart Bellwood (Labour) 2630

Bob Littlewood (Labour) 2508

Sareena Sanger (Labour) 2441

Mosheraf Mohammad Ashraf (Conservative) 706

Thor Halland (Conservative) 586

Shirley Mensah (Conservative) 575

South Woodford

Suzanne Margaret Nolan (Conservative) 1554

Michael Duffell (Conservative) 1533

Beverley Lisa Brewer (Labour) 1532

Joel Anthony Herga (Conservative) 1508

Gregor John Eglin (Labour) 1439

Mark Daniel Walker (Labour) 1382

Natalie Rose Darby (Liberal Democrats) 709

Paul Stephen Emsley (Liberal Democrats) 613

Nat Pabla (Liberal Democrats) 579

Lee Michael Burkwood (Green Party) 355

Ashley Gunstock (Green Party) 339

Barry Cooper (Green Party) 255


Ross James Hatfull (Labour) 2317

Khayer Muhammed Rahman Chowdhury (Labour) 2267

Farah Khanum Hussain (Labour) 2105

Andrew Douglas Francis (Conservative) 739

George Edward Dunkley (Conservative) 645

Undinti David Shubhaker (Conservative) 421

Barrymore Ignatius Scotland (Independent) 258

Max Reid (Independent) 211

Wanstead Park

Sheila Agnes Bain (Labour) 1766

Paul Joseph Merry (Labour) 1641

Pat Bennett (Conservative) 976

Richard Kays (Conservative) 919

Christopher Pallet (Liberal Democrats) 322

Wanstead Village

Jo Blackman (Labour) 2009

Paul Francis Donovan (Labour) 1935

Daniel Huw Morgan-Thomas (Labour) 1764

Scott Wilding (Conservative) 1754

Michelle Clare Dunn (Conservative) 1707

Steve Wilks (Conservative) 1683

Elisabeth A Williams (Green Party) 477

Crispin William Acton (Liberal Democrats) 393

David Robert Bruck (Liberal Democrats) 349

Tony Csoka (Green Party) 301

Cedric Vincent Felix Knight (Green Party) 293

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