Bomb that ripped apart Ilford road, 70 years ago today

Seventy years ago today, countless Ilford residents were trapped in smoking rubble which stretched as far as the eye could see.

Fifteen lives were lost in the bombing, one as young as six, in one of the single most deadly attacks on the town during the horrors of World War Two.

Six hours after the high explosive bomb fell from the sky and on to houses in Hampton Road, a mum and her baby were dragged out of the wreckage alive.

But more than a dozen others were not so lucky.

The dead included three members of the same family and six-year-old Ernest Scott and his brother Clifford.

Fourteen of the victims died at the scene of the bombing, all apparently in their homes when German bombers dropped their deadly device.

One victim, Annie Maxim, died at King George Hospital a day after the bombing.

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Today marks the 70th anniversary of the disaster, arguably forgotten through the passage of time.

But one former Hampton Road resident made it her mission to find out more about the bombing.

Vivienne Scott spent the early years of her life living in a home rebuilt after being reduced to rubble by the bombing.

The 55-year-old said: “My parents bought the house from one of the survivors of the blast.

“They survived because they were in an Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden on that fearful night.

“After the war they did not want to continue living in that road once the new houses were built, because they had lost many friends and neighbours.”

Mrs Scott had been told about the 1941 bombing as a youngster, but it was only as an adult that she decided to investigate what exactly happened.

After research at the Imperial War Museum in London and contacting the Commonwealth War Gra-ves Commission, she was able to obtain a list of those killed in the tragedy.

She now hopes the 15 people killed on that day will be remembered seven decades on.

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