Bishops work together to promote unity in Redbridge

THE CATHOLIC Bishop of Brentwood and the Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford are joining forces to promote understanding and unity between Christians in Redbridge.

In a joint letter to all their clergy the Roman Catholic Bishop of Brentwood,The Right Reverend Thomas McMahon, and the Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford, The Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell, have re-committed themselves to continuing to work together with worshippers from both Christian and Catholic denominations.

Commenting on the Ordinariate,a grouping that is intended to integrate former Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church, the two Bishops wrote in their letter: “This does not in any way deter us from the ultimate goal of that visible unity within the church that is Christ’s prayer and which is shared by all Christian people.”

They are urging those who are considering joining the Ordinariate to make contact with them.

“We give thanks for their contribution to the life of the Church of England, and we pray for the new life they will have and the gifts they will bring to the Catholic Church,” the letter added.