Bid to drive out clampers from Ilford after couple asked to pay �1,000

Rogue clampers who asked a couple to shell out �1,000 could soon be left with no business in Ilford Town Centre, with its manager looking at ways to drive them out.

Shaun Avella, 39, of Newbury Park, was picking his wife up from work at Exchange Ilford when he claims he went to turn his van around in the New World American Pool and Snooker Club car park, Ley Street, Ilford.

He says it was then blocked in and a clamp was placed on his wheel without him realising.

Lisa Avella said: “We didn’t even know they were doing it, the engine was still running and my husband had stopped for a split second.”

The 40 year old added: “If I’d have been on my own I would have been petrified. I was left in shock when he started demanding �350, and when we called the police, the man started filming us.

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“He rang up his company and said the fine had increased to �1,000 which left me in tears.”

The couple pleaded with the clamper from Securak to reduce the fine and were later forced to pay �600 because Mr Avella needed the van for work the following day.

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Mrs Avella added: “It was so terrible, I was left shaking and the man who did it was so rude. We want to warn people so the same doesn’t happen to them.”

Town centre manager Neil Davis said: “We need to think carefully about how we can make it easier for vehicles to get in and out and drop people off without falling foul to an unscrupulous clamper.

“This organisation seems nasty in how they practise their trade and are operating completely different procedures which are incredibly aggressive and rude.

“We don’t want this happening in Ilford and it must be taken seriously so there is less opportunity for these cowboys to get away with it.”

Andrew Martin from Securak said: “No one ever gets clamped in the car park for turning around, people just use that as an excuse and I can assure you of that.

“The fine would have gone up in price because it was a commercial vehicle and if people refuse to pay a tow truck is called and that would cost a lot more.”

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