Barkingside pensioner fined by council for recycling cardboard

AN eco-friendly pensioner was hit with an �80 littering fine when she left some cardboard beside an overflowing recycling bin.

Jeannette Summerbell, 80, dropped off the material at Fullwell Cross car park recycling point, Craven Gardens, Barkingside on January 4 with daughter Michelle.

Mrs Summerbell, of Strafford Avenue, Clayhall insisted there was no room to put it inside the bin so she added to a growing pile nearby.

Six days later she received the penalty notice which she said “put her off recycling for good”.

Redbridge Council has now cancelled it.

Mrs Summerbell, who has lived in the borough for 53 years, said: “I was so shocked when I got the letter. I take pride in living here and like to do my bit for the environment.

“To get an �80 fine was a huge kick in the teeth but thankfully the council has seen sense.”

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Daughter Michelle, 40, highlighted the need for more recycling bins and warned other residents about the penalty dangers.

She said: “Our cardboard was neatly packed in plastic bags so it was very frustrating.

“People must be careful if the bin is full and I would suggest taking items home because it’s not worth the risk.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “We are pleased residents are using the recycling facilities provided. The demand to recycle at this site has been higher than expected and therefore additional collections will be made.

“Although we can’t comment on the details of individual cases, we can confirm this fine has been cancelled.

“We are committed to keeping the borough clean and action will be taken against people who litter or fly tip. It is an offence to leave your recycling next to a recycling bank.”

If you visit a bank that is full you can report it on 020 8554 5000 or email

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