Barkingside accident: Shopkeeper helps injured woman

A SHOPKEEPER has told how she took in the injured 18-year-old woman describing her as “frightened and delirious”.

The accident in High Street, Barkingside happened outside clothes store David Barry.

Manager Kim Rubin brought the woman into the shop while an ambulance was called.

She said: “She was sitting at the bus stop outside after the crash.

“There was quite a crowd gathering so I asked if she wanted a hot drink.

“She came in and seemed rather delirious and frightened.

“She was crying and screaming and saying ‘I want to go home”.

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“A policeman told me she rolled over the car and smashed the wind screen with her head.

“The driver also came in and I gave him some water as he was visibly shaking.

“I feel sorry for both of them.’’

The shop was closed while police made enquiries.

An officer at the scene said: “A young lady ran across the road in front of a car.

“She was taken to hospital and is OK.

“The ambulance crew were saying it was life changing but it wasn’t.”

The road was closed at 10.15am and reopened at 12.15pm.