Artist career revival after South Woodford gallery backing

An artist’s career has been rejuvenated after a new gallery chose his work to feature in a display.

More than 80 pieces of Pauli Bates’ work is now being showcased at Ajiba Gallery in Raven Road, South Woodford which held its opening ceremony last week.

His creations include drawings, acrylic street art canvases and an army of miniature figures.

Pauli had lost interest in designing after some personal problems but he was inspired when gallery co-owners Mark Burns and Ty Kutlu complimented his work during an initial meeting.

Pauli said: “Since I was told the gallery was interested in my work I have been able to do another 23 canvas pictures.

“It has given me a kick up the backside to push myself and get more of my stuff out there.

“People are coming to see my work which is such a great feeling and gives me a huge confidence boost.”

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Mr Burns said: “We liked Pauli’s work because it was fresh, different and from the heart.

“He clearly loves what he does and I don’t think he knew how good he was.

“He is a shy and humble type of guy and I am pleased he is now getting the recognition he deserves.”

The gallery is continuing its appeal to residents to submit works including paintings, sculptures, illustrations and photography which, if selected, will be displayed for free.

Mr Burns set up the gallery to be accessible to everyone and promote “ordinary talented people”.

The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday.

For more information search Ajiba Gallery on Facebook or go to