Army try to dispel fears over disruption caused by 4,000-person Olympic hotel in Hainault

Military personnel, who will be among 4,000 security staff stationed at an historic country park during the Olympics, say they have reassured residents that disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Senior members of the military who will be running the Olympic camp at Hainault Forest Country Park, Fox Burrow Road, Hainault, invited the public to ask questions about the project in a special meeting on Sunday.

Community engagement officer Col Brian Fahey said: “At the lengthy Q&A we found a lot of people were unhappy because they didn’t know what was going on and when we explained about the camp we got a positive response.

“Residents seemed pleased to see that the armed forces will be stationed there and people who go to the park regularly seem content with the large space left.

“There will be medical facilities, a gymnasium and catering all available on site to prevent impact on local residents.”

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The 4,000 military and security personnel will be working at the Olympic Park and ExCeL centre and will travel there by coach.

Major Cathy Bradshaw said: “The site was chosen by LOCOG from the beginning after close discussions with the council. The military didn’t have an option but the park is a good location for both sites.”

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Wing commander Guy Basiljet added: “I do not doubt the coaches will be a minor problem, but for the 400 travelling to the ExCeL, that’s only eight coaches which will go straight on to a dual carriageway. All the guys stationed there will be really tired after working 12 hour days and I expect they will only have time to sleep and eat so they won’t be causing any problem.”

If residents have queries they can call 07879 603 506 or email

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