Army helicopters to be based in Ilford during Olympics

Helicopters ready to intercept unauthorised aircraft flying over the Olympic venues are going to be stationed in Ilford.

The two helicopters will be based at the Territorial Army Centre, Gordon Road, Ilford as part of security measures for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “The council would not have been able to prevent the Ministry of Defence (MoD) using the TA centre, and in any case would not want to hamper measures designed to keep London safe during the Games.”

The helicopters could be used to redirected smaller aircraft which have wrongly navigated into the restricted air zone.

A consultation process will be carried out by the MoD to warn those near the base of the potential impact of the helicopter.

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Residents, schools and care homes will be given the opportunity to raise any concerns they may have.

Schools nearby include Gordon Infant School, Golfe Road, Ilford.

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In order to minimise the impact of noise on local residents certain flight paths and flight times have been agreed with the council.

Leaflets will be sent to houses near the base outlining the plan in more detail.

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