Angry Barkingside residents call on Tesco to sort out abandoned shopping trolleys

Cllr Ruth Clark (right) and Cllr Vanessa Cole

Cllr Ruth Clark (right) and Cllr Vanessa Cole - Credit: Archant

A petition by two ward councillors has been signed by 100 angry Barkingside residents, unhappy about trolleys being abandoned in their roads.

Councillors Ruth Clark and Vanessa Cole have written to Tesco, in Cranbrook Road, after they spoke to people living close by.

They want the store to change the trolleys so they are coin operated or ask that a member of staff collects them once a day.

Cllr Clark said: “Trolleys are being used to dump rubbish in and no one is collecting them. Tesco, in Chase Lane, have changed theirs and the problem has completely stopped. Residents are fed up with it.

“We have been told by the store that coin operated trolleys were trialed in Barkingside but that people were put off when they didn’t have the correct change. But they are so easy and this is a big problem for those living near the supermarket.”

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