Alps chalet protester from Ilford set for showdown talks with boss

The Ilford woman who has barricaded herself and six fellow unhappy workers inside a luxury chalet in the French Alps over “unfair dismissal” is set to take part in showdown talks with her employer today.

The meeting with representatives from Skithe3v will be mediated by local Saisonnaires, according to the group.

Aanya Madhani, 22, had been working as a chalet host for company Skithe3v on a month-long contract when she received an email on Monday to say she was dismissed and would receive no pay, she claims.

The group are believed to have changed the locks to luxury Chalet Georgina in the ski resort of Les Menuires and are refusing to leave without what they believe to be an acceptable wage.

Cambridge graduate Aanya said: “We believe he owes us over �4,000 for our wages and expenses.

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“All we are saying is give us what we are owed and we will leave.”

“We want to make sure it never happens again. He has picked on the wrong people this time.”

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However, director of Skithe3v Mark Ridgers believes grounds for the dismissal of the seven workers, which include crashing a company car, are valid.

He said: “These guys are creating a fracas out of nothing and are asking for things that are totally unreasonable.

“There is some middle ground to be found here and we will try to reach an amicable conclusion.”

The group, nicknamed Les Menuires Seven, have generated a lot of media attention for their peaceful protest and have set up a Facebook and Twitter profiles with regular updates of their situation.

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