Airport representatives confirmed for public meeting over flight path plans

Cllrs Paul Merry and Sheila Bain show concerns over City airports proposed flight plans

Cllrs Paul Merry and Sheila Bain show concerns over City airports proposed flight plans - Credit: Archant

Representatives of London City Airport will be attending a public meeting called by campaigners protesting new flight path plans.

Greater London Assembly members Roger Evans and Murad Qureshi will be speaking at the meeting on Monday (Nov 3) from 7.30pm at Wanstead Library in Spratt Hall Road.

HACAN East has organised the event after the airport began consulting over plans to concentrate its flights along one path, meaning parts of Barkingside and Wanstead would see more planes flying overhead.

HACAN East chairman John Stewart said: “There has been a lot of interest in the meeting. People are furious that they have not been told about the changes.

“The airport is saying that the changes are not significant. We disagree. They will be very significant for people right under the flights paths who will get a plane overhead every 90 seconds at the busiest times of the day.”

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The flight path changes are part of a wider programme to reorganise airspace across Europe.

More efficient use of airspace will allow airlines to journey times and so reduce fuel bills and cut emissions.

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After the consultation, proposals will be put to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for approval.

A spokesman for London City Airport said: “In 2019 it will become mandatory for all airports and all aircraft to use R-NAV technology. We do not need to change our flight paths to achieve this, we will replicate the existing flight paths.

“In real terms, this means that aircraft will follow the same paths that they do today, but more accurately.

“The airport is fulfilling its obligation to consult on this transition, as set out by the Civil Aviation Authority – through consulting with its Airport Consultative Committee, issuing information to local media and publishing information online.”

To view plans and respond to the consultation visit

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