A-level results: Dreaded brown envelopes result in mixed emotions for Valentines High pupils

Abu Bakr-Rajput will be volunteering during his gap year

Abu Bakr-Rajput will be volunteering during his gap year - Credit: Archant

Students from Valentines High School opened up the dreaded brown envelope with mixed emotions when they found out their A-level or AS results.

Garrison Robinson-Smith-Hunte is a semi-professional footballer

Garrison Robinson-Smith-Hunte is a semi-professional footballer - Credit: Archant

Fayza Din, 18, of Gants Hill, gained one A* and two As in maths, biology and Chemistry respectively, after having achieved an A in AS French.

Fayza Din got an A* and two As in her A-levels

Fayza Din got an A* and two As in her A-levels - Credit: Archant

This exceptionally bight pupil, who had claimed 12 A*s in GCSE, has taken up her first offer of going to University College London to study Pharmacy.

However, she is unsure whether to convert her degree to Medicine.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to meeting new people at University. The £9,000 tuition fees did not put me off.”

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Abu Bakr-Rajput, 18, also gained and A* and two As in biology, chemistry and maths respectively. He had also gained an A in AS business.

However, Mr Bakr-Rajput was not offered a place at university.

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He plans to apply for University for next year to study medicine.

Mr Bakr-Rajput maintained a positive attitude and said: “At least now, I will be more informed than last year so I can make better decisions when applying for university.”

He intends to take a gap year by volunteering as a first aid worker for St John’s Ambulance.

Garrison Robinson-Smith-Hunte, 18, had better luck at the school in Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill, as his three As in biology, English literature and sociology means he has been accepted by the University of Sheffield to study psychology.

He said: “In year one, I did a lot of work and so I got a high UCAS mark. So in year two, I didn’t have to work as hard but I did and got the three As. I’m really happy.”

AJ Adelekan, 17, gained three As and a B in his AS-level exams for biology, chemistry, matha and French respectively.

However, he is “undecided” whether to go to university as he attempts to pursue a professional football career.

Mr Adelekan currently plays at semi-professional level for Redbridge Football Club as a left-back.

He said: “If I don’t make it professional as a footballer, I will go to university and probably study medicine or environmental science.”

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