A-level results: Best friends going to same top university from Woodford County High School

Two girls who have been friends since Year 7 at are going to be studying together at the same college of Oxford University.

Thashmin Miah and Mirren Johal who are both 18, will be studying at St Hilda’s College getting six As between them.

Thashmin said: “We’ve been friends since we started. I logged onto the UCAS website before I came here, I was so nervous.”

The nerves also got the better of Mirren who said: “I was shacking. They’ve given us a massive reading list so I will have to go and start on that now.”

The results for the school, in High Road, Woodford Green, were similar to the previous year with 78 percent of students getting A*-B grades.

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Headteacher Jo Pomeroy said: “They can check if they got into their university of choice before they come in to get their results, so they have a bit more knowledge. We are very pleased with how they have done.”

The headteacher said she expected more students to start considers going to university abroad, particularly the US, where there are more scholarships on offer.

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“In spite of the rise in tuition costs, higher education continues to be the route for our leavers” she added.

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