A pub manager in Wanstead lost hundreds of pounds after someone parked outside her boozer and stopped a truck from delivering beer.

Lizi Arnold, 42, who runs The Cuckfield, said she always gets her beer delivered at the end of the week.

But because someone had blocked the entrance in Wellington Road on Thursday (May 16), she had no way of filling up the pumps.

Lizi said: "We had no choice but to order an emergency delivery costing us around £700 because we had a charity event the following day for Haven House Children's Hospice."

But it was worthwhile, she explained, because the charity raised more than £40,000. 

Ilford Recorder: Lizi Arnold has worked at the pub for 15 yearsLizi Arnold has worked at the pub for 15 years (Image: Lizi Arnold)

Volunteers filled the pub's beer garden after a Sparkle Walk to raise money for Haven House - set up in the early 1990s - that provides care to life-limited children.

A purple and white arch was set up by the front entrance and people wore purple t-shirts for the 10k walk through South Woodford, parts of Epping Forest, and Wanstead.

Lizi, who has lived and worked at the pub for 15 years, said when a delivery had been blocked a couple of times previously, the truck would come again a few days later.

"But because we had the event we had to rush the order in," she said. 

Ilford Recorder: The Cuckfield hosted volunteers after the Sparkle WalkThe Cuckfield hosted volunteers after the Sparkle Walk (Image: Lizi Arnold)

Lizi put two red dustbins by the entrance to stop other vehicles from parking there.

Customer Claire Lawson said: "It's an absolute joke that you can't unload because of restrictions and someone blocking the entrance."

Dog-lover Lizi said: "It drives me insane. We have someone that reports when the beer truck is coming but we can't do nothing if someone parks even a little bit over our driveway. So frustrating! Anyways, we now have beer."

The Cuckfield has been part of the Wanstead community since the 1800s. The pub hosts quizzes on Tuesdays and have had a knitting group for the last five years. It was refurbished for four weeks in late 2022.

Another charity close to The Cuckfield's heart is The Wanstead Charity which runs food banks and helps the homeless of east London.