Nearby residents have expressed their shock at a suspected attack in Hainault which has left five people in hospital.

A man carrying a sword was arrested by police this morning (April 30) after officers were called to reports a vehicle had been crashed into a house in Thurlow Gardens.

Police understand members of the public and two police officers were attacked and there were reports people were stabbed.

The London Ambulance Service has since confirmed that five people were taken to hospital.

Mohammed and Ayesha Khan, who have lived in New North Road for almost ten years, told this paper they've never seen anything like it in the area.

Ilford Recorder: Police in HainaultPolice in Hainault (Image: Jordan Pettitt/PA Wire)

Ayesha said: "I've got a young child as well and she was really panicked and saying 'mummy, what's going on?' I had to take her inside because she was really scared.

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"Nothing like this ever happens in this area, it's really safe, there's lots of young families in the area."

Mohammed added: "It's very worrying, we're very scared and quite shocked at what has happened.

Ilford Recorder: A forensics van spotted in HainaultA forensics van spotted in Hainault (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)

"When we woke up, we saw all these vans, all these police cars and two fire trucks and we didn't know what to make of it. We still don't know what to make of it."

Police have been spotted near Hainault Tube station, with a crime scene in place.

Max Burney, who lives close to the incident, said: "I've got a wife and kids and something like this is dangerous. It's hard for us because we'd like to walk around our own streets and know that we are safe."

Another resident, who didn't want to be named, added: "At around 7am today my wife woke me up saying there are helicopters around.

Ilford Recorder: Max BurneyMax Burney (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)

"It's so shocking and scary."

London's Air Ambulance was also dispatched to the scene with advanced paramedics and ambulance crews but all have now left. 

Hospital worker Victoria Nakazibwe, who lives nearby and moved to the area a year ago, said it was "very worrying".

Police are treating the incident as not being terror-related.

The 36-year-old man who has been arrested is in police custody.