Motorists have shared their concerns over a new 24/7 bus lane which has been introduced in Ilford as part of the Superloop bus route plans in east London. 

The new bus lane has been created on Woodford Avenue, along sections of both the northbound and southbound carriageways, which has provided 1.6 kilometres of new bus lane. 

The stretch of the A1400 is managed by TfL, which hopes the bus lane will improve journey times for routes on the 123, 679 and 179 buses. 

It is also expected to benefit the Superloop route between Waltham Central and the Royal Docks, according to TfL. 

But the addition has sparked debate with motorists, who have expressed concern for the impact the change will have on traffic flow along the dual carriageway. 

One Facebook user claimed: "I didn’t understand it, there’s not enough buses passing through to make sense for them to do it.

"It’s just going to create a massive tailback during rush hour?"


Another added: "Good luck Monday morning with the queue back to Redbridge Lane East as [you] head towards Charlie Browns [Roundbaout].

"I get the need for the buses to run on time but everyone else will suffer for it, including Clayhall residents with increased traffic and queues."

Some have discussed signing petitions against the new lane. 

Tom Cunnington, TfL’s head of buses, said: “Improving bus journey times is a key part of our Bus Action Plan to make buses more attractive, encouraging more Londoners to choose sustainable transport options, and helping to reduce overall congestion.

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"Bus lanes improve the bus network's reliability and help to reduce journey times.

“After local engagement with the public last summer, a 24-hour bus lane has been introduced on the A1400 Woodford Avenue providing 1.6km of new bus lane to support the new Superloop SL2 route between North Woolwich and Walthamstow.

"We are also carrying out hundreds of signal timing reviews across the Superloop network to help services receive priority at junctions. 

"The Superloop network is a key part of our commitment to improve transport links in outer London and will add an extra four million km to the network.”