A Labour MP has hit out at a “disgusting” poster that appears to show him handcuffed and with his mouth taped shut.

Ilford North’s Wes Streeting, who is also shadow health secretary, took to X to comment on the poster yesterday evening (February 23).

The image, which appears to be taped to an advertising board at a bus stop “in Redbridge” reads in big red letters seemingly in reference to the war in Gaza – “permanent ceasefire?”

Below is an image of Streeting in a suit, handcuffed and with two strips of grey tape across his mouth. Writing beneath says – “a hostage to fortune”.

A picture of the poster was shared by Newham Independents, who claimed: “The opposition to Labour’s stance on Gaza does not seem to be subsiding, in fact the number of protests are increasing.

“Redbridge residents are mounting a campaign to unseat Streeting at the #GeneralElection 2024.”

Streeting quickly responded to the post, saying that he was reluctant to share the image but that it needed to be “called out”.

He added: “The image, the use of ‘hostage’ in the current climate, it’s disgusting.

“People move to Redbridge to get away from this sort of politics. It will not take root in our Borough.”

It comes just days after there was chaos in the Commons over a ceasefire motion put forward by the SNP.

The Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle was accused of helping Sir Keir Starmer avoid a damaging revolt over the Middle East issue by selecting Labour’s amendment on the motion last week.

It resulted in Labour’s call for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” being passed unopposed.