A pizza shop discovered to be putting its commercial waste into residential bins has been prosecuted.

Pizza GoGo on Perth Road was found guilty of five fly-tipping charges after Redbridge Council discovered staff were filling council bins with commercial waste. 

Residents in Frinton Mews alerted enforcement officers to the fly-tipping that saw their own bins littered with branded rubbish. 

The evidence was stacked against the business for several fly-tipping offences after the officers made several return visits to their chosen fly-tipping grounds.

Ilford Recorder: Residents had complained of the fly-tipping and council bin misuseResidents had complained of the fly-tipping and council bin misuse (Image: Redbridge Council)

Businesses are legally required to dispose of their commercial waste using a registered trade waste carrier.

The failure to comply led to the shop being served with five Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) at £400 each.

After failing to pay the FPNs, the business was summoned to appear at Barkingside Magistrates Court, facing five charges of fly-tipping offences.

Pizza GoGo (trading name for Minahil Ltd) pleaded not guilty on December 5, but was found guilty on all five fly-tipping charges after evidence was heard.

Ilford Recorder: More commercial waste with the Pizza GoGo brandingMore commercial waste with the Pizza GoGo branding (Image: Redbridge Council)

The company was fined and ordered to pay court and council costs totalling £6,600.

Redbridge Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety, Cllr Khayer Chowdhury, said: “We all have a responsibility to ensure our streets and neighbourhoods are clean, and that includes businesses.

"Fly-tipping commercial waste on our streets and into the bins of innocent residents is unacceptable.

"We all need to work together to make sure Redbridge is clean and pleasant, and this prosecution is a testament to our commitment to holding rule breakers to account for their behaviour.”