An Islamic primary school in Ilford has called for further action after receiving a chilling, hate-fuelled letter. 

Apex Primary School received the shocking letter last week, and has now released a statement disclosing the contents of the letter. 

The letter read: "“Dear Pedophiles [sic],

"I am saddened to hear about Palestine. More than thousand [sic] killed. What I am upset about is why more not [sic] killed.

"I wish Israel bombed more of those filthy rascals. You deserve to die.

"But don’t worry your surprise will come to you on Friday 8th of December.

"I will have something for you in the post at 9am ready to tick off at any moment to kill everyone there and all those f******g children.

"Yours faithfully, Your Terrorist Friend [Smiley Face]”

The school has confirmed it is not the first letter of this nature it has received and has pleaded with local authorities to help ensure the safety of the school community.

Apex Primary School said in a statement: "As evident from the letter, it makes direct reference to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza and, in particular, highlights the tragic killing of innocent children.

"Apex Primary School unequivocally condemns such vile and abhorrent positions, both at home and abroad [...]

"We strongly reiterate our call for authorities to do more in response to these concerning developments."

Ilford Recorder: It is not the first letter the school has receivedIt is not the first letter the school has received (Image: Google Maps)

The school voiced its rejection of discrimination, including Islamophobia. 

The statement added: "We urge our community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly.

"In times of adversity, it is crucial that we stand together against hate, supporting one another and fostering a sense of unity that transcends differences."

The school's calls have been echoed by Labour MP for Ilford North, Wes Streeting, who has called on the Home Secretary to safeguard Muslim communities.

Mr Streeting addressed claims of a Muslim school receiving a hate letter but did not disclose the name of the school, stating only that it was in Redbridge. 

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A spokesperson for Apex Primary School confirmed they believe his statement to be regarding the letter they received.

Keith Prince AM said: “I am very concerned about reports a Muslim school in Redbridge has received an anonymous death threat letter targeting pupils and staff.

"These reports are deeply disturbing. I’ve written to Sadiq Khan asking him to ensure the Met Police is taking action to protect pupils and staff at this school.

"I’ve also asked the Mayor to ensure the Met is taking steps to reassure the local Muslim community that these threats are being taken seriously and their safety is a police priority.”