One of the current food crazes ripping through London and the UK is the K-dog, the Korean take on the hotdog; #koreancorndog has been USED 68.7million times on TikTok and Korean snack food outlet Bunsik's Soho site, can sells one K-dog every 20 seconds.

Based on an American-style hotdog but well and truly its own thing, a K-dog, for those who don’t know, is a skewered frankfurter, rolled in any number of layers of foodstuffs (one usually being cheese) before being dipped in batter and fried, perhaps repeating this last bit twice.

As fast food goes it’s a pretty chunky dirty eat, the kind of OTT snack needed to recover from the night before.

Ilford Recorder:

I tried my first K-dog at the new Bone Daddies site in Leister Square.

The “rock and roll” ramen bar serves up jacked up bowls of ramen in unfussy but welcoming restaurants dotted around the capital playing Eddie Vedder and 90s rock that sounds like Eddie Vedder.

In the heart of theatre land, the Leicester Square location sprawls across two floors and is a good spot to keep under your belt for a pre or post theatre meal or for when you’re looking for a meal for one, thanks to bar seating at the kitchen or along the windows.

Ilford Recorder: Plenty of rock star seating for solo dinersPlenty of rock star seating for solo diners (Image: Bone Daddies)

It also has an opening K-dog ramen special available until the end of the month, although, the actual K-dog might stick around a little longer, I am told.

Bone Daddies style of ramen is as extra as a bowl of ramen can be, thanks to ingredients like fried chicken, cock scratching and Grana Padano cheese.

The K-dog ramen is even more extra, and comes with kimchi, smoked sausage, cheese and half a fudgy soy egg. And then there’s the K-dog which you can dip, roll or dunk into the broth, or just eat it alongside the soup.

Ilford Recorder: Probably the heftiest bowl of ramen everProbably the heftiest bowl of ramen ever (Image: Zita Whalley)

This particular log of wiener was a meal in itself. It was wrapped in cheese, battered, fried and encrusted with crunchy dry noodles and squirted with zippy American-style yellow mustard.

It turns out it’s quite hard to eat a sausage on a stick; it’s not a gracious eat. There’s only so far down you can eat the sausage before you start to feel inappropriate and the skewer gets in the way. Once you change angles, its all about taking nibbles that don’t disrupt the balance of weight so the dog doesn't fall into your noodles. 

Combine the K-dog with the most maximalist bowl of ramen ever which was so loaded up with stuff not normally seen in ramen it too had become its own thing, the K-dog ramen was a truly dirty dish. Filthy in fact, but take this as a compliment. 

Ilford Recorder: Eating a K-dog is not a delicate taskEating a K-dog is not a delicate task (Image: Zita Whalley)

The dish is also hefty. So weighty I didn’t finish it even though I tried my hardest to, nor sadly, did I order sides.

Given Bone Daddies has seven different types of mayo available, I would have gone nuts with the likes of the pork chashu croquettes, tender-stem broccoli and dirty tater tots just so I could cover them in the stuff, because mayo is life.

If you want to try one of the most hedonistic decadent versions of the K-dog around, you might want to run to Bone Daddies in Leicester Square, because not only will the dish soon be taken off the menu, you also certainly won’t be able to run after.

Ilford Recorder: I did a pretty good job of polishing it offI did a pretty good job of polishing it off (Image: Zita Whalley)

Find Bone Daddies Leicester Square at 35 Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7AD or visit for more information.