Glide at Battersea Power Station is a festive ice skating wonderland with a jaw-dropping backdrop of one of the most marvellous pieces of architecture in London.

The unique layout of three interconnecting rinks adds a delightful twist to the traditional ice skating experience.

The crowning jewel is undoubtedly the spectacular 30ft Christmas tree at the centre, creating a captivating focal point as you glide along the ice.

Ilford Recorder: The ice rinkThe ice rink (Image: Amy C)

I got to try out the experience and reflect on the adjustments made from last year’s Glide experience.

As you step onto the rink, the iconic Battersea Power Station looms in the background, creating a stunning backdrop for your skating adventure – especially at night.

The rink and surrounding area is beautifully lit, exuding a festive atmosphere that instantly puts you in the holiday spirit.

Upon entering the Greenhouse-like building to collect skates, I noticed significant improvements from previous years.

The space was more organised, with ample room for sitting and a wider area for staff to efficiently distribute skates.

Putting on the skates was a breeze, thanks to the easily manageable clip-on style, and the fact that they all looked brand new added a touch of class.

I’ve had rental skates before that are an absolute battle to get on so thank goodness these were simpler.

It was a pleasant process, enhancing the overall experience of gearing up for a spin on the ice.

Ilford Recorder: Battersea Power Station from the beer gardenBattersea Power Station from the beer garden (Image: Amy C)

The joyous Christmassy vibes extend to the rink itself, with friendly instructors patiently assisting beginners allowing people of all skill levels to enjoy the rink, creating a cheerful and inclusive atmosphere.

After a satisfying skate, The Glasshouse, a bar at the bottom end of the rink, offers a perfect space for family and friends to relax and watch the skaters go by. 

It did feel like bar staff were still getting to grips with the demand and there was a bit of a wait at the bar during the busy hours, but there was plenty of choice of cocktails to delight in. 

Ilford Recorder: The Glass House barThe Glass House bar (Image: Amy C)

The outdoor seating pod seating resembles a unique glass igloo, providing a cosy spot to enjoy a drink or a snack while watching the skaters.

There is plenty of outdoor seating in little log cabins with heaters above to protect you from the chill. 

Sponsored by Jo Malone, which had a funky gingerbread house shop on site, the event also features a fudge stand and a carousel nearby, providing additional delights to indulge in between skating sessions.

Glide at Battersea Power Station is a must-visit for those seeking a festive and magical ice skating experience in London.

It offers a delightful escape into the winter wonderland, leaving you with cherished memories and a warm holiday glow.

Adult tickets are from £12.50 and children can attend from £8.50.

The rink will remain open for the festive season until January 7, 2024.