NQ64, a gaming-inspired bar in Shoreditch, has unleashed a new cocktail menu that playfully presses all the right nostalgia-loaded buttons.

The 9000-square-foot "neon splattered drinking den" on Old Street, is decked out with more than 50 classic arcade games and consoles.

Upon entering the venue via a giant curly slide - a certain indication of the timeless fun to follow - you are greeted by sprawling walls adorned with vibrant graffiti art and the infectious energy of old-school hip-hop music.

Over 50 vintage arcade games and consoles adorned the venue, featuring beloved titles like Pac-Man, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, Time Crisis, and Point Blank. To dive into these digital adventures, we used small tokens, just like in the good old days.

Amidst the retro sounds and spectacles there are also a diverse range retro gaming consoles, ranging from a classic SNES to a Dreamcast.

Ilford Recorder: NQ64 ShoreditchNQ64 Shoreditch (Image: Amy C)

These consoles are free to play and are great for a cheeky four player game of Halo – it is perfect for unique dates or competitive nights with friends.

The new features on gaming-inspired cocktail menu was a delightful surprise, featuring concoctions like Full Tilt with tequila, grapefruit, pineapple, and sherbet, Lara's Lost with Absolut Vanilla, blackberry, raspberry shrub, and prosecco, Paperboi with Jack Daniel's, blueberry pancake, and lemon Fanta, Cowabunga with Beefeater gin, and Amy's Delight, which was not only vegan but also vodka-based.

There was even a CBD-infused, alcohol-free option called Hits from the Pong.

Ilford Recorder: The new menu at NQ64 ShoreditchThe new menu at NQ64 Shoreditch (Image: Amy C)

Our personal favourite was Paperboi, served in a rolled-up newspaper with an elastic band, and it had a unique twist of blueberry that made it truly special. It had a hint of theatre to it that made you excited to receive it from the bar tender – as most of the cocktails in the venue also do.

Cowabunga tasted exactly how you'd expect a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cocktail to taste—really odd but with a real punch.

Full Tilt, reminiscent of Lilt, was a hit with my partner and the manager's favourite.

The only part of the adventure that didn't wholly thrill was Amy's Delight. It was a nice alcoholic milkshake-style cocktail but felt less loved compared to the other creative drinks.

As much as we enjoyed the new cocktail menu, we couldn't help but miss the classic boozy iced coffee "Iced-Tweek-U-Chino" from the older menu. This might just be the first hint of a petition to bring it back.

We also had the opportunity to sample the Shoreditch Halloween cocktail named Bone Chiller, crafted by a staff member who won the chance to have their creation featured. We eagerly await what NQ64 has in store for its Christmas special cocktail.

The menu caters to all tastes, and offerings like Hits from the Pong, a unique CBD-infused, alcohol-free cocktail is going to be a popular edition I’m sure. It was very tasty and easily competed with the alcoholic options.

NQ64 is not just another gaming bar – it captures the late-night high-energy vibe that other gaming venues often strive for and miss.

NQ64’s Marketing Manager, Ellie Quigley, said, “We can’t wait for our guests to try our new range of cocktails, which we’re proud to say are invented by team members in NQ64 sites across the country.”