Three people have been convicted of killing 18-year-old Kamran Khalid in Ilford in 2021. 

Abubakar Binabdulaziz, 20, of Eton Road, was convicted of murder today (Monday, July 10) after a seven-week trial at Basildon Crown Court. 

A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be identified due to a court-imposed gagging order, was also convicted of murder.

Abubakar’s older brother Ashraf, 25, also of Eton Road, was convicted of manslaughter.

Kamran, a former pupil at Roding Valley High School, Loughton, was killed in an apparent road rage incident in the early hours of October 28, 2021. 

The teen, a former member of Chelsea FC’s development team, had been for an early workout at his regular gym in Whitechapel and was on his way to morning prayers. 

He asked the Binabdulaziz to move their hired van because it was blocking his car. 

They responded by shouting at him and throwing objects at his car. 

They then contacted their 17-year-old accomplice, who brought them the murder weapon - a so-called “Rambo knife”. 

Kamran sustained more than 30 knife wounds. 

The Binabdulaziz brothers killed him in Harrow Road, metres from their own front door. 

The three killers will be sentenced on September 8.