His smoky voice reverberates across the BBC to thousands of London homes every day, but after a shock cancer diagnosis, Eddie Nestor made a huge charity pledge.

Ilford Recorder: Eddie nestor showing off his six packEddie nestor showing off his six pack (Image: Diabetes UK)

If he survived the disease Wanstead resident Eddie promised to do fundraising work every year for the rest of his life.

Since going into remission he’s run the London Marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and this year is working with Diabetes UK to raise funds and awareness through its “six pack challenge”.

“Type 2 diabetes is a modern day epidemic,” the BBC London Drivetime presenter told the Recorder. “People don’t take it seriously but is it dangerous. It is one of those illnesses that you can turn around and age is no barrier.”

Eddie decided to support the charity after “looking at the size of his gut” and going to his GP.

He was told by the doctor that he was in danger of developing Type 2 and decided to take action.

“I got a personal trainer, downloaded eating apps and trained really hard and got a six pack,” he added.

“I ate lots of vegetables , was careful with carbohydrates and didn’t eat chocolate and fizzy drinks – basically all the things I love.”

Fuelled by the desire to raise awareness about the condition the radio presenter spoke at length on the topic for his 94.9FM show. He also held quizzes, raising more than £4,000.

Eddie was born in the same borough as Idris Elba and Paloma Faith but has lived in Wanstead for 11 years, saying that it is the perfect place to raise children.

“I was born in Hackney and used to drive past Wanstead,” he added.

“I used to say wow, I want to live there, it’s like the west end of the East End – Wanstead is its own little island. It was a place I aspired to be and it is everything that I thought it would be.”

He loves shopping on the High Street and said the area was “village life in the city” and full of quirky shops and independent business mixed in with household brands.

The DJ has been “keenly observing” the controversial parking plans and commented: “You could park in front of the shops and pick up what you needed. I have never seen a problem with it.

“Can’t work out why they want to bring these measures in – it seems draconian. It is fine the way it is, leave it alone.”

Redbridge Council says it will stop commuters blocking bays.